Debian 6 Squeeze LTS

Debian Squeeze dobija LTS podrsku u vidu bezbednosnih zakrpa u naredne dve godine, tj. do 2016-e. :slight_smile: :homer:

Brief advance FAQ (but you should really wait for the more detailed

Q: What’s the difference between regular security support and the LTS
A: squeeze-lts is only going to support i386 and amd64. If you’re
running a different architecture you need to upgrade to Debian 7
(wheezy). Also there are going to be a few packages which will not
be supported in squeeze-lts (e.g. a few web-based applications
which cannot be supported for five years). There will be a tool to
detect such unsupported packages.

Q: Does this mean that Debian 7 (wheezy) and/or Debian 8 (jessie) will
have five years security support as well?
A: Likely, we’ll see how squeeze-lts turns out. If there’s sufficient
support it will be continued for later releases as well. Also, see

Q: Is additional help needed?
A: Absolutely. squeeze-lts is not handled by the Debian security team,
but by a separate group of volunteers and companies interested in
making it a success (with some overlap in people involved). So, if
you’re a company using Debian and seeing a benefit in security
support for five years, get in touch with [email protected]
and we’ll see how you can help (if you e.g. don’t have the manpower /
know how but are willing to contribute, we can point you to a list
of Debian consultants)

Potvrdjeno, Skvizi LTS zvanicno podrzan do februara 2016-e: