Download link seems to be broken.

Is there anywhere else I can download a copy of TRIOS? The links in the sticky don’t seem to be up anymore. PLEASE HELP!!! I really want to try this OS out!! It seems to have almost everything I want in a system. No systemd, a great filesystem, based on debian… Thank you kindly in advance!!

Afaik server will be up soon.

Not working, … Tried to update but get error gpg. Then tried to go to Loopia parking and at Loopia parking page. TRIOS is on vacation!

Nije zabranjeno pogledati da li ima nekih obaveštenja.
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Nije naravno, ali mi ovo bilo poslednje i mislio sam da je problem, sad vidim obaveštenje, možda da se stavi da bude sticky.

Well do any of you know where I can download the TRIOS.iso at? I really want to use this OS, but cant find an alternate download other than the links that are down right now.

Па јел може човеку неко да набаци исо на торент? Како немате неку алтернативну опцију?

Где бих пронашао торрент линк?

I really do not know. Wait administrator response.

We are currently moving the infrastructure to another location. Within the next week, a link to download TRIOS will be posted here. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your reply Vladimir. I am excited to make TRIOS the main OS on my laptop. In the meantime, I will read the forums and familiarize myself with the OS as much as I can.