English Website

Hi guys,

Was wondering if you were interested in some assistance with creating an English port of your site.

I’ve suggested Trios to a number of people that seem really keen to use it, but they’re finding the conversion of your Serbian site a bit of a hurdle.

As I really love the work you guys have done already, I wondered if I could be of some assistance with this?


Hi @spOOn

I’m just droping in to thank you for offering help & for spreading TRIOS. :up: :slight_smile:

@Vladimir[/USER] & [USER=267]@rapha will give you a detailed answer.
In the meantime, I can only tell you that an English version is most certanly planned! :slight_smile:

Hi Adam,

Thank’s for your offer and desire to help us in making TRIOS website :wink:

What experience do you have, as far as making websites (Wordpress, Static html, drupal or something else)?

Fairly familiar with Wordpress, Drupal, static html, perl and PHP.

By no means am I a fully fledged web designer :slight_smile: just offering some help :slight_smile:

Think it would be really great to have an english site, and potentially an english IRC channel/forum.

Think TriOS is a great distro, and am keen to support in any way I can.

Happy to help with packaging as well if you guys need it.

My day to day role is as a infrastructure engineer.

Let me know what you need.

Ok tnx for the info, in frist place we have to decide whether we will remain in a “static HTML” or switch to a more advanced CMS system, we are still undecided :music:

It was (internal) decided to have apart section for TRIOS support which will be in English only, we do not like IRC :smiley:

Ok, we now have a clearer picture about you and your skills, and we will contact you very soon.

Best Regards!

Just wondering if there has been any update on this one, as I’m still keen to help with an English site, and any other way I can.