Favorite Gnome Shell extensions!

  1. Appfolders Management extension
  2. Applications Overview Tooltip
  3. Coverflow Alt-Tab
  4. Dash to Dock
  5. Dynamic Top Bar
  6. Frippery Move Clock
  7. Impatience
  8. OpenWeather
  9. Panel OSD
  10. Remove Dropdown Arrows
  11. Sound Input & Output Device Chooser
  12. Suspend Button
  13. Transparent Window Moving
  14. User Themes
  15. Caffeine
  16. Gno-Menu
  17. Refresh Wifi Connections
  18. Workspaces to Dock
  19. Pomodoro
  20. Clipboard Indicator
    [SIZE=5]21. MMOD Panel
  21. [/SIZE][SIZE=5]Top Panel Workspace Scroll[/SIZE]
    23. CustomCorner
  22. Extension Update Notifier
  23. Places Status Indicator
  24. Drop Down Terminal
  25. Glassy GNOME
  26. Notification Center
  27. Rounded Corners
  28. TopIcons Redux
    31. Dash to Panel
  29. Per-Window Keyboard Layout
  30. Clock Override
  31. Fullscreen Hot Corner
  32. Extensions
  33. WindowOverlay Icons
  34. Disable Screen Shield
  35. GSConnect
  36. Dynamic Panel Transparency

40. WinTile: Windows 10 window tiling for GNOME
41. Animation Tweaks

  1. Cpufreq
  1. Compiz alike windows effect
  2. Transparent Top Panel
  1. Floating Dock
  2. Panel Indicators

Koristan dodatak. :point_down: :smiley:

How to Enable ‘Fuzzy Search’ in GNOME Shell’s Applications Screen

Fuzzy App Search


Nije baš “must have” ali je vrloooo korisna, naročito ako imate neki nekompatabilan HW i želite da vidite njegov firmware kao i gde je podržan.


Hehe, treba umesto ovog “Must have” napisati “Favorite”, pa da bude kao na Mandžaritovom forumu. :point_down::sweat_smile:

Favorite GNOME Shell Extensions

(možda nekome bude korisno :ok_hand::grin:)


Konačno se neko setio! :point_down: :clap: :grinning:

App Grid Tweaks - Customize the application grid view.

Dash to Panel extension now supports GNOME 40.

My favorite extensions for GNOME 40:

  • Alphabetical App Grid - Restore the alphabetical ordering of the app grid.

  • App Grid Tweaks - Customize the application grid view. Set the rows, columns, and app icon size for a particular configuration to work. If the screen space is outnumbered, reduce the icon size to fit all the rows and columns. Or reduce the number of rows and columns.

  • Applications Overview Tooltip - Shows a tooltip over applications icons on applications overview with the application name and/or description.

  • Big Avatar - Adds your user avatar and name to the menu panel. Big thanks to db0x and 'I like ‘em curvy’ extension developer.

  • Blur my Shell - Adds a blur look to different parts of the GNOME Shell, including the top panel, dash, and overview. Contains some bugs due to the implementation of the blur effect on gnome-shell, see HTTPS: //gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-shell/-/issues/2857 for more information. You can now select which part you want to blur, whether or not you want overview animation and there is an option that reduces a lot of the artifacts.

  • Cleaner Overview - Makes all the windows in the overview the same height and orders them by last recent used.

  • Compiz alike magic lamp effect - Magic lamp effect inspired by the Compiz ones. NB: In case of update error please restart GNOME Shell (on Xorg press ALT+F2 then writer and press enter, on Wayland end the session and log in again)

  • Coverflow Alt-Tab - Replacement of Alt-Tab, iterates through windows in a cover-flow manner.

  • Custom Hot Corners - Extended - Navigate and control GNOME Shell environment by a mouse through the corners and edges of your monitors. Keyboard shortcuts for dozens of actions are now also an option. Custom Hot Corners - Extended can use mouse buttons and scroll wheel as well as hot corners to trigger one of many actions including activities overview, app grid, show and hide desktop, commands execution (with app chooser), customizable workspace, and window switchers, window control (incl. close, maximize, fullscreen, always on top, …), window and global color effects (red and green tint, brightness, contrast, inversion, transparency, Night Light), dark/light theme switcher, volume control, universal access functions (incl. zoom and on-screen keyboard), system control (lock screen, shutdown, suspend, logout, switch user), toggle hide the main panel, open Looking Glass, …

  • fluoroom’s Top Bar - Persistent top bar based on Gnome’s default style, with some modifications. This extension makes black background and screen corners persistent and makes buttons round, but it will respect your current theme’s fonts, margins, and icons.

  • Fullscreen Hot Corner - Enables hot corner in fullscreen mode.

  • GNOME Fuzzy App Search - Fuzzy application search results for GNOME Search.

  • Impatience - Speed up the gnome-shell animation speed.

  • Lock screen background - Change lock screen background.

  • Quick Close in Overview - Close windows with a button click (the middle one by default) when in overview mode.

  • Scroll Panel - This extension allows switching between windows or workspaces by scrolling GNOME Shell topbar with the mouse (both in overview and workspace modes).

  • Shell Configurator - Configure and customize GNOME Shell with advanced settings.

  • Shutdown Timer - Allows to shutdown, restart and suspend computer after the selected amount of time or in selected time.

  • Top Panel Workspace Scroll - Change workspaces by scrolling over the top panel.

  • Transparent Window Moving - Makes the window semi-transparent when moving or resizing.

  • Tray Icons: Reloaded - Tray Icons Reloaded is a GNOME Shell extension that brings back Tray Icons to the top panel, with additional features.

  • Workspace indicator - Workspace indicator shows the amount of opened workspaces and highlights the current one using Unicode characters. You can use it as an indicator only but the widget is clickable. Left button clicks: move to left, right-click: move right.

  • Dash to Dock - A dock for the GNOME Shell. This extension moves the dash out of the overview transforming it in a dock for an easier launching of applications and faster switching between windows and desktops. Side and bottom placement options are available.

  • Panel OSD - Configuring where on the (main) screen notifications will appear, instead of just above the message tray.

  • No overview at start-up - No overview at start-up. For GNOME Shell 40+.

  • Hot Edge - Add a hot edge that activates the overview to the bottom of the screen. This minimizes the pointer travel required to access the dash when using the new GNOME Shell 40 overview layout.

  • Remove Rounded Corners - Removes rounded corners from main panel or top bar.

  • BaBar Task Bar - Task bar. App grid, favorites, workspaces and tasks in panel. Light extension. Replace ‘Activities’ button by all current workspaces and apps buttons. Switch workspace/app or toggle overview by clicking on these buttons. Drag and drop favorite, task, dash item or app grid item to any workspace (you cannot reorder tasks inside a workspace). Persistent window preview with right-click (right-click again or click on preview to close it). You can move this preview anywhere. Change ‘Places’ label to an icon. Settings in preferences UI.

  • Tiling Assistant - An extension that adds a Windows-like snap assist to GNOME. It also expands GNOME’s 2 column tiling design and adds more features.

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Propustili ste najvazniju, pogotovo sad leti : cpufreq - GNOME Shell Extensions
aaa, nisam video da je Jocix naveo :stuck_out_tongue:

moze i dash to plank, plank nekako vise smekerica.

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  • Sensory Perception - Requires lm-sensors (or lm_sensors). Shows CPU temperature, disk temperature, video card temperature, voltage, and fan RPM.

@Branimir_Maksimovic Ovo je takođe važno, a zaboravih napisati. :ok_hand: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Evo nešto jako zanimljivo… :point_right: Desktop Cube - Indulge in nostalgia with useless 3D effects. :blush:

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Nekada davno pre 15 godina ovo je bila prva stvar koju bih instalirao na linuxu :smiley:
I ono crtanje vatrom po desktop-u …


@Commander Ево i vatre ponovo… :point_down: :sweat_smile:

Burn My Windows


kako da instaliram burn my windows?

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To je lako.

1. sudo apt install chrome-gnome-shell

zatim :point_down:

2. Ovo (klik) :grin:

ovaj prvi deo je prošao dobro
Screenshot from 2021-12-17 22-20-07

ali ovaj drugi nikako