Nešto slično kao Tails:

Freepto 1.0

Zanimljiva distribucija, kojoj nije naglasak na full anonimnosti kao što je Tails ali ima zanimljive aplikacije. Do nedavno im je cela dokumentacija bila na italijanskom pa je bilo teško ići u korak sa dešavanjima sada vidim da se to promenilo i da su redizajnirali sajt.

The main difference in between Tails and Freepto, is that Tails routes everything through Tor, you have no way to disable this. Freepto does not anonymise your computer IP unless you choose to do that.

The projects have different targets, Freepto’s goal is to allow for a highly portable operating system and switch people from proprietary software into open source. The privacy tools that Freepto includes are there because activists need them to communicate safely, as an extra, not as the reason for the operating system. Tails reason to exist on the other hand, is to provide anonymity.

If what you want is a portable easy to use OS with discretionary high calibre privacy tools, use Freepto, if you are paranoid about privacy and want everything to be anonymous, then use Tails.

Freepto and Tails is a powerful cyberweapon for privacy seekers that the NSA will hate.