“Kwheezy is Debian 7 (Wheezy), with a pre-configured KDE desktop experience and a good selection of GNU/Linux/Open Source software.”

Koliko može da se primeti ovo je stabilna verzija, čim teraju 3.2 kernel i KDE 4.8.4

[size=4]Version 1.0.1 Released [/size]

Kwheeze version 1.1 released

Kwheezy 1.2 released:

Jel ima negde njihov repo, ako postoji da ubacim u sources.list ?

Trebalo bi da je:

deb wheezy main

Random review za 1.2:

Jest, evo osvanuo Firefox ESR, al što ne vidim u Origin njihovu grupu, gde da iskopam gpg key ?

Evo ga gpg key:[email protected]

Pregled za verziju 1.2:

Distrowatch pregled:

1.3 verzija

Changes in version 1.3:
[LIST][]Updated to Debian 7.2
]Added GPT partitioning support to the installer (requires BIOS/Legacy boot).
[]A new post-installation wizard adds polish. Hopefully the need to add a regular user account will be clearer.
]A few redundant (duplicate functionality) applications have been removed.
[]The administrator account has UID/GID changed to 999, so the first real user will be 1000. Thus, more compatable with other distro’s.
]The menu has been tidied up, so it should be easier to browse.
[]Kwheezy Keyboard Selector now has a textbox for testing the new configuration.
]Some other minor tweaks and polish.

Kwheezy 1.4

[LIST][]Fix for entering accents in LibreOffice (disable iBus by default).
]Firefox and Thunderbird 24 ESR are now default.
[]Cdrtools (original and best) replaces wodim and genisoimage as default Burning/ISO tools.
]Kopete and Linphone replace Jitsi as default XMPP chat and video calling.
[]Kwheezy Autostart Chooser has addition choices, including iBus.
]Make KGet and Kopete “Always Visible” in system tray by default.
[]Allow kwheezy-livecd package to be uninstalled without removing Kwheezy icon.
]Disable transitions (effects) in KScreenSaver’s “Slide Show”, making it usable.

KWheezy 1.5