Mate DE :)

For the impatient :slight_smile:

  1. open a root terminal, and execute
apt update && apt upgrade

will be about 30+ packages, mainly nosystemd, for upgrade

  1. apt install mate-desktop-environment
  2. logout
  3. login to mate
  4. make all settings as desired
  5. open ~ / .bashrc, delete the last line, and save the file

Enjoy :slight_smile:
TEST1-1.png TEST1-2.png TEST1-3.png TEST1-4.png TEST1-5.png

Great stuff, thank you Dragan :slight_smile:

Would go nicely with that theme I think:

Thanks Marin :slight_smile:
BTW, @Filip finished some themes, 2 grey variants
You can download from git

After downloading, open Thunar as root, and copy complete unpacked folder to /usr/share/themes

Nice additions @Filip[/USER] :slight_smile: Thanks for instructions [USER=3]@Dragan.

Grey themes are still work in progress, expect problems and non-matching elements in various spots! :slight_smile:
Should be closer to final in the next few days, along with one more variant, and some extras… :wink: