POEditor servis

Dođe dan da predložim i neki servis made in Rumunija… :connie_pumpkinsmile:

Ovde imaju slike i sve lepo piše … http://poeditor.com/help/

Servis je namenjen za online prevodjenje i mogu reći da lepo radi.

Sviđa mi se, ali se vidi da je bootstrap-made sajt (a i servis većim delom). :smiley:

Lepo izgleda sajt i deluje primamljivo.

Hvala u svakom slučaju na informaciji :wink:

Prema očekivanju, stigao mail sa malo drugačijim uslovima… :connie_boy_cleanglasses:

But you needn’t worry, our rates are thought to be among the smallest on the market and all new accounts will still have 1000 free strings which can be enough for small to medium or mobile projects.
Moreover, POEditor likes to take special care of its childhood friends, so there are plenty of benefits for them:

  • The existing users will have a 20% discount on our packages;
  • Everybody can now purchase characters for automatic translation;
  • The following 30 days all existing accounts will remain unlimited until choosing an appropriate plan;
  • You can create open projects for non-commercial purposes which will be completely free if approved by administrators.
    That’s about it, we hope that you will welcome this new stage of POEditor and stay faithful to its benefits!

Ja im sad dodjem kao childhood friend :wink: