release when?

I was wondering when you plan to release the openrc nosystemd version? I noticed the testing iso is gone now.

Will the new release be at or somewhere else?

I noticed you have a sourceforge site also? Do you use it as well?

I am looking forward to trying out the new release.


It’s planned in about two to three days… Details will follow… :slight_smile:

Hello mean_dean :slight_smile:

As @Ćofi said, next iso will be ready for announce on 7th january…that day is important to us, cause it’s Orthodox Christmas, according to the Julian calendar :slight_smile:

Sourceforge is no longer in use, because now we have our own server and the mirror where we have the ability to host an ISO images.

I’m glad to hear that there are interested people outside the Serbian-speaking world in testing our community Linux.

Soon all will be publicly notified where and how can download the new version TRIOS operating system, codenamed MIA.

Keep you posted… cheers.

Sounds great! Thanks for the info.

I doubt I will use it as I usually prefer to roll my own but I think others will be interested in it. Nice to have an alternative to systemdebian.

I like the idea of Orthodox Christmas day to announce it.