Suggestions for MIA-rc2

Just some notes and comments on the excellent MIA-RC1.
I would keep editing/adding to this same entry but edit seems to be limited to 1 day?

  1. In Thunar custom actions, change “Check md5sum” to “Create md5sum”:
    -> Create md5sum
    -> Creates md5sum of the selected file
    -> zenity --info --title=“Create md5 for %n” --text="$(md5sum %f)"

  2. I use a “Verify md5sum” that works like this on a correctly formed *.md5 (needs xterm) :
    -> Verify MD5sum
    -> Verify MD5 sum of selected *.md5
    -> xterm -fg gold -bg black -geom 60x6 -hold -e ‘md5sum -c %F’
    I will work with zenity a bit. So far I can’t get it to work as desired.

  3. There is some inconsistency in how Thunar will open a terminal. If cursor is over a file, it refuses. If cursor is over a directory, it will open in the director? Probably something I did?

Richard, thanks for your suggestions.

@editing entry
you are right…editing is time limited, for good reason, to 1 ~ hour (59 minutes more precisely…)

@1 and @2
it seems that our sense for what some word means in english is far from perfect…you are absolutely right.
According to a dictionary, “to verify” assumes the number you’re checking has a truth value, which is exactly case in verifying MD5 number/sum.

So, we will fix this, as you suggest

I dont know…on right click, “Open terminal here” working as expected everywhere in thunar/desktop etc, in our test iso?

Thanks @Richard!

@1. Will be fixed, and improved to allow creating sums for multiple files at once.

@2. This does what you want ( we’ll add it in the next release ):

-> Verify MD5sum
-> Verify MD5 sum of selected *.md5
-> zenity --info --title=“Check md5 for %n” --text="$(md5sum -c %F)"

Just make sure to add the " .md5;.MD5 " to the “Appearance Condition/File Pattern”

@3. That is normal, since allowing the “Open term here” to show up on files, would cause it to open with the path to file, which is not a directory:
Screenshot - 01102015 - 07:45:11 PM.png

@3 edited :wink:

Custom actions in Thunar are working logical…if file is selected, opening terminal on file can’t be possible, for obvious reasons

Thanks, for the fixes and explanations.

Thanks, that does what I was trying to do. :slight_smile:
This gives a notice that it’s working…zenity --info --title="Check md5 for %n" --text="$(md5sum -c %F)" | zenity --progress --auto-close Zenity gives nicer output than plain xterm. :slight_smile: Maybe I don’t need xterm any more?

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Good idea on progress bar! If you don’t mind me improving on it:

zenity --info --title="Check md5 for %n" --text="$(md5sum %F)"  | zenity --progress --pulsate --auto-close

With that, progress bar pulsates back & forth, making for a better indication.
The reason why it can’t be made to actually fill up like a normal progress bar, is 'cause md5sum doesn’t output anything while it “works”, giving you no way to tell at what percentage it is.

And another improvent on the “verification” one:

zenity --info --title="Check md5 for %n" --text="$(md5sum -c %F 2>&1)" | zenity --progress --pulsate --auto-close

Now, if you use it on a “non-.md5” file, or whatever errors out, it gives you an info about it:
Screenshot - 01102015 - 11:49:18 PM.png

Nope, you don’t need xterm :slight_smile:

WhiskerMenu crashed and restarted itself? Went back to the Xfce menu.

Suggest xterm -geom 100x20 -e htop,
instead of top as the associated command with CPU Graph Properties.
(the main reason I install xterm. :slight_smile:

Great. I’m learning to like zenity. Really handy. And looks better, too.

Nope, you don’t need xterm :slight_smile:
Not for this anymore. Only for htop. :slight_smile:

Yep, can save you from having to write simple things in Python/C/whatever just to get a GUI. :slight_smile:
On that note, there is even better dialog then zenity, called yad.
You can do much more with it, hovewer we don’t have it in repos yet. If you’d like to try it, get it from Sparky linux repo. :slight_smile:


You can run it in any terminal. :wink:

xfce4-terminal -e htop    ## supports geometry setting as well

Going back to the WhiskerMenu to see what breaks it.
This isn’t the first time that it’s done that to me,
In other Debian installs. Curious, but it’s still a good app.

Yes, I’ve been exposed to yad, but never really tried it.
I’d like to see an up-to-date version in the repo,
close to yad-0.27.0.tar.xz, :slight_smile:

Understand that it extends zenity quite a lot
Going to play with it a while. :slight_smile: