TRIOS RC1 - News and changes

[CENTER][SIZE=6]TRIOS Mia RC1, compared to previous releases, especially to a3.[/SIZE]

Gnome3 programs have been replaced with Mate equivalents - avoiding potential systemd dependencies, and differing looks between gtk2/gtk3 apps.

More preciselly: Mate System Monitor, Atril ( doc/pdf viewer ) and Engrampa arhiver.

  • Mate Sys Monitor got TRIOS logo @“System” tab,
    and Engrampa got support for Thunar, so that “Extract Here/Extract To/Compress” buttons in the right click menu still do their purpose.


Pidgin has been setup to display time in 24h format, and display notifications on new messages ( in various ways )

  • Icons set, match-ing the rest of the system and light/dark themes as well.
  • “Window Merge” plugin, makes Pidgin a completelly single-window app.
  • A large set of “FOSS-Wubicons” smileys.


Keyboard shortcuts:

[*]Super + Down arrow = Volume -5%

[*]Super + Up arrow = Volume +5%

[*]Super + 0 = Mute

[*]Super + A = Audacious

[*]Super + Right arrow = Next song @Audacious

[*]Super + Left arrow = Previous song @Audacious

[*]Super + End = Play/Pause toggle @Audacious

[*]Super + G = Gimp

[*]Super + S = Synaptic

[*]Super + C = Calculator

[*]Super + W = Iceweasel

[*]Super + L = LibreOffice

[*]Super + M = Mousepad

[*]Super + F = Thunar

[*]Super + V = VLC

[*]Super + P = Display Settings

[*]Super + X = XFCE Settings Manager

[*]Super + T = XFCE Terminal


[*]Ctrl_L + Super + F = Thunar as root

[*]Ctrl_L + Super + T = XFCE Terminal as root


[*]Alt_L + F1 = Popup XFCE Menu

[*]Alt_L + F2 = XFCE Appfinder collapsed

[*]Alt_L + F3 + XFCE Appfinder full


[*]Ctrl_L + Alt_L + Delete = xflock ( session locking )


[*]Super_R = Popup Whisker menu


[*]PrintScreen = XFCE screenshooter # Thanks to @klod for the tip


[*]~ = Guake drop-down terminal


[*]Alt_L + ~ = SkippyXD Expo


[*]MM Vol - = Volume -5%

[*]MM Vol + = Volume +5%

[*]MM Mute = Mute

[*]MM Media = Audacious

[*]MM Next = Next song @Audacious

[*]MM Previous = Previous song @Audacious

[*]MM Play/Pause = Play/Pause toggle @Audacious

[*]MM Stop = Stop @Audacious

[*]MM Search = Catfish

[*]MM Web = Default web browser ( Iceweasel )

[*]MM Mail = Default mail client ( Icedove )

[*]MM Calc = Calculator

[*]MM My Computer = Thunar
Super = Left “Windows” key

Super_R = Right “Windows” key

Ctrl_L = Left Ctrl

Alt_L = Left Alt

MM = Multimedia key ( on multimedia keyboard/laptops )


  • Bash-completion is enabled for both normal and root terminals ( allows commands to be auto-completed, using Tab key )
  • Prompt is now in TRIOS colors
  • Reduced transparency
  • Root terminal has red cursor block and lower transparency, to make it stand out from normal terminals.



  • Added “pavucontrol” mixer for PulseAudio ( use it to setup/adjust Mic for Skype )
  • xfce4-mixer applet replaced with PNMixer ( solves muting/unmuting issue )


Thunar has got a split-screen capability.


Skippy-XD expo style display of all opened windows ( activate with Alt_L + ~ )


Orage has been added (organizer/planner/calendar). Thanks @milansombor for the tip!


Clock panel plugin has been replaced with “DateTime” one, it’s now in two rows, and has a better calendar ( this one opens directly above the clock, compared to previous one ). Thanks for the tip @Richard


Whisker meni has got a integration with apt. Now you can search for, show info about, install and remove packages directly from Whisker’s search field:

  • !i package_name(s) = for installation ( apt-get install )
  • !r package_name(s) = for deinstallation ( apt-get remove )
  • !p package_name(s) = for a complete deinstallation ( apt-get purge )
  • !sh package_name(s) = to get package information ( apt-cache show )
  • !s package_name (one only) = to search for it ( apt-cache search )

Depending on ^command, a terminal will be opened, running the required action.
The script that does that has a recursion abillity, so you don’t need to re-run commands from Whisker, if you wish to repeat the same action for multiple packages.

Also, you can search Google, using “? text” !


Font (Sans) has been replaced with “Noto-Sans”.
In our humble opinion, a more modern and much nicer font :slight_smile:

SMTube has been added.
A great little program for searching YouTube. It allows you to:

  • Play videos in a default video player (VLC), with much better performance compared to flash/browser ( HD 720p on single core proccessor @2GHz = no problem )
  • Download with option to choose format and resolution
  • Supports most video players ( VLC, SMPlayer, MPlayer, MPV… )


Continued bellow :slight_smile:

Guake drop-down terminal has replaced a problematic Tilda ( bug reported, not solved yet ).
It’s a terminal running in the background, that comes down/goes up with “~” key, on your demmand.


Gsmartcontrol has been added. Great program to read your hdd’s S.M.A.R.T data.
It has replaced “gnome-disk-utility”, again due to possibility of systemd dependencies down the road…
We have in our plans to rebuild the old, Gnome2/Mate version, but it’s not set in stone, can’t promess :slight_smile:

!! All who used “gnome-disk-utility” ( aka “Disks” in the menu ) for partitioning their drives, please switch to GParted !!


LibreOffice got a few icon sets.
Flat (default) in both light/dark variants:
Faenza, also in both variants:
And colourfull Kalahari, for light themes only ( can be used with dark ones also, but it’s not 100% compatible ):

You can switch to ones you like @Tools -> Options -> View -> Icon size and style


CLICompanion has been added. A usefull program that eases terminal and command line usage by storing a clickable and editable list of commands in a nice GUI. :slight_smile:


There’s probably more changes, but they will be added when recalled. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I found Minitube to be also a very good lightweight alternative that handles videos without external application.

On a side note I find the quoting on the new forum platform is a bit less intuitive than the previous one. There is no quote button and you need to reply to the actual comment in mind.

Also copying and pasting via mouse is playing tricks on me at the moment, does anybody else experience such an issue ? Say for example you quote someone and then try to delete some text in the quotation but instead of marking it moves sentences up and down. Or is my mouse faulty on that ?

P.S. That was me, after Logout/Login it works as expected.

No any problem here.

I am typing this from TRIOS RC1 live. Everything works great and fast.

Skype installed by default, sweet :slight_smile: The new wallpaper is very trippy psychedelic :smiley:

The only thing is the top bar of the dark theme somehow changed. I can’t make the minimize, maximize and close button look as they were in previous version.

Haven’t tried ZFS yet, probably will wait till final version so that I can read some more documentation beforehand.

Overall works like a charm !

P.S. my mistake, Window manager -> Trios Dark theme is as previously.

Glad to hear that! :slight_smile:
@Skype: It was very close to being kicked out for good. :smiley: Damn thing wasted us 6-7 live builds while trying to make it correctly install at build time, until @Dragan unleashed some “force” upon it… :smiley:

I guess you need to change the theme for Window Manager aswell… XFCE got them all separated, Main theme, WM theme, Notifications theme… Every one in it’s own settings…
Settings Manager -> Appearance
Settings Manager -> Window Manager
Settings Manager -> Notifications

I wouldn’t miss Skype by any means since it’s latest ownership and lots of better open source alternatives. The only reason we use them is contacts and they know it. If it wasn’t for the closed source code I am sure Skype, Facebook and the likes would all get some export/import contacts scripts and nobody would use them anymore :slight_smile:

And hvala @Dragan for the brute force then :smiley: :smiley:

Yes, it was a pretty frustrating experience … sometimes you have to go crazy to find a solution, especially when deadlines pressing :smiley:

Hey guys, great job. Nice to see a fully loaded xfce jessie desktop that is free of systemd. I know it has udev but I do not see that as being systemd even though it is part of the systemd family. I suspect in the future it will need to be replaced if you want to remain free of systemd but the version in jessie is fine to me.

I was wondering if you was going to update the website? The download link is broke and I think the link that is suppose to go to the forum is broke as well. Of course I am using google translate so it may be a problem with that. But I though I should mention it. I would like to see download links and forum links at the top of the page myself but that is sort of picky.

Once again though, great work!

About website…

Website is… under, some experimental stage :smiley: We are working on new one which will be only on english language. Until then we will temporarily fix broken download link.

Tnx for feeeeedback.

@mar1n3r0 & skype

Yeah, me neither… But yeah, it’s next to impossible to make people switch to something else. And when this gets on, I guess it’ll be set in stone for good :smiley:

And just to clarify “until @@Dragan unleashed some “force” upon it…”.
That mean’t he “got angry” and found a proper way to properly install it during build proccess, it’s not in any way being hacked or forced ( like “dpkg --force-all -i skype” etc ). :wink: :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, udev in Jessie can still be built without any systemd dependencies. Other then the fact it comes from systemd tree, it should be, afaik, free from it.
We are/will be taking a better look at eudev.
Also, there are some more alternatives being worked on, vdev & mdev. So I guess that in long run there shouldn’t be major issues with replacing udev with one of them…

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I’ve only had a chance to look at it in virtualbox, and I’m impressed. Nice work. Good selection of apps, nice layout, and…

dpkg -l | grep nosystemd | wc -l 59
Wow, someone has been busy repackaging!

OK, that number was 69 in last week’s build. Which nosystemd packages did you leave out in rc1?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Nothing was left out on purpose. I guess that those +10 were dependencies of some Gnome3 apps we had in previous release(s). :slight_smile:

Really nice, good looking piece of work on Mia-RC1.
Fixed a lot a niggles, good app selection, fits the way I work.
Installed it over hybrid3 on my sda7.

I modified my ~/.gtkrc-2.0 to the following:

style "xfdesktop-icon-view" { XfdesktopIconView::cell-spacing = 6 XfdesktopIconView::cell-padding = 6 XfdesktopIconView::cell-text-width-proportion = 2.5 } style "default-style" { GtkWindow::resize-grip-height = 6 GtkWindow::resize-grip-width = 6 } widget_class "*XfdesktopIconView*" style "xfdesktop-icon-view"
and really improved my ability to grab a corner or side of a window.

I got this from the following in the xfce forum:
There may be a more correct way, but it worked for me. :slight_smile:


It didn’t seem to survive reboot, so I modified it more like the original.
Seems a bit improved but not perfect. Still, easier to grab a corner. :wink:

Thanks for the report, and dont worry…@Ćofi certainly knows how to deal with it :wink:


Good fix, however, the problem with that is that it only has effect on gtk2 applications, that do have a resize grip ( if at all, from what I’ve seen, it has no effect when xfwm is used )
Those that don’t ( eg. settings manager ), and gtk3 ones are still going to have small margin for grabing the border.
Now, since borders are XFWM’s bussiness ( they are .xpm images that xfwm multiplies arround the window ), proper way to fix the issue for each and every app, regardless of toolkit they use, is to make them ticker.
And that tends to be a pain to do, since there’s about 20 of them to edit for each theme.

Anyway, regarding TRIOS-* themes, I’m about quarter-way done enlarging. Once that and the rest is completed, they will hit the repo. :slight_smile:
Greybird will probably follow…


Hold Alt_L then right-click and drag to resize the active window, or left-click & drag to move it :wink:

Yes, I was afraid there was no easy answer, since some worked, some didn’t. :frowning:
Too much interrelation and too little standardization, I suppose. Great wallpaper though. :slight_smile:

Initial fix @Dark. Borders are now 3px thick ( for every app/window ), making them easier to grab, with almost unoticable change in looks :slight_smile:
If you want to give it a shot, grab the tarball here.