Ubuntu LiveCD za SAM 460 / AmigaOne 500


Konacno postoji noviji Ubuntu koji radi na SAM 460 plocama
(moderne PowerPC Amiga ploce su AmigaOS i Linux sistemi)


Nazalost, pokazalo se da je verzija veoma rana - samo demo Live CD.
Sugestije kako unaprediti stabilnost?

Alpha Ubuntu LiveCD

This Ubuntu LiveCD was made in the hope that someone could continue working on it. If you are able and want to become a hero, feel free to make this LiveCD fully working.


This LiveCD boots on a Sam460 with a Radeon 3450. It is not fully tested and probably won’t work without a Radeon card (i.e. with the onboard chip alone).

What you can/can’t do:

You can boot the LiveCD and reach the Ubuntu desktop and work from here, of course at the “slow” speed of your DVD drive.

Unfortunately the installation of Ubuntu (the “Install Ubuntu 10.10” icon on the desktop) does not work. It will fail when it wants to write to the HD (error in ubi-partman).

How to boot:

  • in Uboot select your CD as the boot device
  • in the Parthenope screen, press the Enter key or just wait a few seconds
  • after a few seconds the first lines appear on screen saying “Booting kernel from legacy image…” and the drive stops for a while
  • after 2 or 3 minutes, the drive starts to go again. Nothing is displayed on the monitor at this time. If you have a cable connected
    to the serial connector, you will see a lot of messages from the loading process.
  • after 3 more minutes, the screen goes black and after some time the Ubuntu desktop appears.

Compiling a new LiveCD:

Read the README file in the “sources” directory on the ISO. It explains how to do it from an x86 Linux.

Links that can be of interest: