Unity 4 game engine


Zdravo svima malo pre sam video ovu vest pa reko da je prosledim i ovde :connie_jail:

Unity 4 ce konacano izadji i za Linux :wink: Tako da pored interesovanja za Linux developere od strane Valve-a ovo ce biti zanimljiva kombinacija.

Sto se tice Unity 4 opsirnije mozete pronaci OVDE

E ovo nisam znao, lepa vest ! :slight_smile:

Stvarno lepa vest… :connie_jail:

Da bas sam se iznenadio kada sam to video, ranije sam nesto sa drugarom isprobavao u UDK (inace isto free engine), ali on je vec kompleksan za male timove. ali eto Unity tu uskace kao najbolje resenje.

Evo i Unty reel-a za GDC 2012, uzivajte :connie_jail:


A jel to znači da će u bliskoj budućnosti biti nekih ozbiljnijih i igrica sa lepšom grafikom za linuxe ? MIslim zbog tog Unity 4 engine-a.

Da bas to :connie_jail:

Evo citata sa Unity sajta

Unity 4 Linux standalone desktop publishing preview

Why Linux now?

The Linux player is an excellent example of a grassroots movement in Unity. Over two years ago, developers started using their Fridays and free time to port the engine to Linux. The port made slow progress, but was kept alive and maintained over the years. At the 2012 Ninja Camp development week, these developers spent the week furthering the porting effort, and at the end of the week, they were able to show some compelling demos. Combine this with the recent success of commercial games on Linux – for example the Humble Indie Bundle and games sold through the Ubuntu Software Center – and it was clear we needed to give our customers a chance to enter into this still-largely-untapped market that is hungry for games.

Why is it still a preview?

Supporting a new platform is no easy task --especially one that has a wide range of variations in hardware and software. It will take more testing and feedback before we will feel confident the quality is up to such a standard that we can ship a final version. However, this should not stop you from using it. Many games will run without Linux-specific problems on most modern Linux systems, and problems you encounter can be reported to us so we can fix them, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone.

Is it a publishing option just like all the other ones in terms of ease of use?

“Yes! In order to export to Linux, simply pick the “PC, Mac, & Linux Standalone” platform from the “Build Settings” menu, select a Linux player as your “Target Player” and click build.”
Do I have to pay for it?
No, it will be free just like our PC and Mac Standalone publishing options.
Why are you referring to it as “Linux" standalone desktop publishing?
Because Linux (as an operating system) runs inside of all sorts of devices, but this export option is specifically for 32 and 64-bit end-user desktop systems.

What hardware/software configurations will be supported?

While games exported from Unity will run on most modern Linux desktops, we will (at this time) only be offering official support for Ubuntu 10.04 or later, with a graphics card that has vendor-made drivers installed.

" " [font=tahoma][background=rgb(253, 248, 240)]with a graphics card that has vendor-made drivers installed " "[/background][/font]

[font=“tahoma”][color="#000000"]Pihhh… al dobro ajde.[/font]

Ovo će biti lepo… mada se ja više radujem source-u.

Evo dva demo build-a.