/usr merge in debian, and how it affects trios

Hi guys,

Wondered if someone wanted to comment on the impending merge of /usr in debian (Preparing for a merged /usr in Debian [LWN.net]) and what this will mean for trios.

Is the intention for trios to also merge /usr, or to continue to use separate /bin /lib etc?

Would be keen to see trios continue with separate /bin /lib etc, if you’re still undecided :slight_smile:

IMO, usrmerge is a VERY BAD idea initiated from Red Hat.
TRIOS will continue with legacy FHS as long as possible.

Thats great!

Let me know if you need any help.

I very much appreciate the offer of help.
Very soon will be a reorganization of TRIOS staff members, and i think that your contribution will be valuable in many aspects…english site, mirror etc.
Thanks again :slight_smile: